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Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Our Top Baby Picks!

Our Top Baby Picks!

As the store owner, I know there are certain things at Over the Moon that are my absolute favorites. However, I wanted the inside scoop from young mothers who are caring for their littles day in and and day out. Naturally my daughter and my cute daughters-in-law came to mind. These are their very top picks and I couldn't agree with them more! As my nine adorable grandkids can testify, between these four mamas there is plenty mothering experience!

Come and visit us any time. We are happy to help answer questions or to help you find the perfect item for the little one in your life. And, did you know we have a baby registry? It makes baby shower shopping that much easier! 

And, without further ado, the list! 

"Puj Tub is my top baby pick. I’ve had my same Puj Tub since my first born. I’ve used it with every child for bath time. You can put it in the bathroom or kitchen sink and they baby feels so safe in it. It works for newborn up until the time the baby moves to the tub."

"By far, my favorite baby product would be the Owlet Cam. I really struggled being able to sleep at night with my first child, I would sit by her and just watch her sleep! When she was one or two months old I got the Owlet monitor. It gave me the peace of mind to be able to sleep, knowing that something was watching over her and that it would alert me if anything was wrong. It was also very helpful to see the oxygen level when my kids have had bad colds. I highly recommend this product to everyone having a baby!"

Jacqueline                                                                                "The DockATot is one of my must haves. You can put the DockATot anywhere and it's easy to travel with. From sleeping to tummy time, it has multiple uses.        The Ergobaby 360 Omni is a LIFESAVER. I can carry around baby anywhere to be hands free. The Omni is easier for me than a wrap. It can be used from newborn to 30 pounds." 

Haylee                                                                             "DockATot (and travel bag) is super easy to take to and from the nanny’s house and is easy to bring as a carry on while traveling. 
The portable sound machine is nice for the same reasons. Put it in the diaper bag and baby can nap anywhere. 
Bibs/burp rags are nice for throwing in the diaper bag so you don’t have to pack two. 
WubbaNub is something Nellie is obsessed with and makes it easy to soothe her on the go. 
HALO swaddles are great because you can go from swaddling to sleep sack without switching to a new item. They have really large Velcro strips so they stay more secure and the zipper goes top to bottom so you can keep them swaddled for diaper changes. 
Sleep sacks are the perfect weight for winter and they give peace of mind because you don’t have to put a blanket in the crib. They are super soft and cozy and they fit like a glove!
Nanit camera gives sleep insights to tell you what to change to get your baby sleeping better. It has great video and sound quality and it adheres to the wall or stands freely on the floor so you can move it between rooms if baby isn’t in the nursery yet. I can also monitor breathing with breathe wear. If you get the multi use stand, you can use it when traveling or as a house camera once the baby doesn’t need it."



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