There is a reason babies are swaddled in the signature hospital blankets as soon as they are born. In fact, swaddling a baby is a practice that goes back to ancient times. Evidence suggests that babies were swaddled as long as 4,000 to 4,500 years ago! 

 As a way to duplicate the feeling of security inside mother's womb, swaddling a baby provides comfort and warmth and helps minimize the startle reflex by keeping baby's arms and legs secure and less likely to flail. 

Researchers have discovered that a huge benefit of swaddling is better sleep quality. As reported on WebMD, babies who were swaddled were found to sleep longer and were less likely to wake up spontaneously. This is a benefit that both mom and baby can appreciate! Swaddling has also been found to help reduce fussiness in babies, particularly those with colic. A combination of swaddling, sound and movement had an observable calming effect on babies (not to mention a lower heart rate!)  

Swaddling is simple! With just a few blanket folds, your baby will be as snug as a bug in no time. Follow this simple guide from our friends at Saranoni. They make gorgeous blankets and we love carrying their products at Over the Moon

We have a lovely collection of swaddle blankets from some of our favorite companies. You are sure to find the best fit for your newest arrival!