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Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Favorite Blankie

Favorite Blankie

Ahhh the favorite blankie. Did you have one? Any ideas how long you held on to it? Chances are it might still be tucked away in a cedar chest or neatly folded in a box in your mom’s attic. Known as a “transitional object,” a favorite blanket or stuffed animal gives comfort and reassurance to a child when attempting to navigate the world outside of home and family, which can feel like a pretty big place to all of us, let alone a child who is knee level with most adults!

Says Colleen Goddard, a child development specialist, “Transitional objects are self-chosen — a child’s first “not-me possession” — like a blanket, teddy bear, pacifier, doll. The reliance on such objects is rooted in sensorial elements that lessen the stress of separation, while they soothe and comfort the child.”

A favorite blankie is something that will stick with baby for a long time, often past toddlerhood and in even in to early childhood (maybe late childhood/teen years, but that’s not speaking from experience, of course.)  So, the fabric matters.

And certainly it’s important to consider the purpose of the blanket as well as where it will be used when deciding on a fabric. Here are a few of our favorites! You can find all of them at Over the Moon and of course we are more than happy to help you find the best fit for you and your baby.

Little Unicorn 

Little Unicorn has a variety of blanket styles and their fabric patterns are stunning and unique.

Their swaddles, quilts, and security blankets all have some version of the following fabrics for obvious reasons – they are amazingly comfortable for babies! Little Unicorn also carries an awesome outdoor blanket that is durable, foldable and compact.

Deluxe Muslin: 100% rayon made from bamboo that is delicate and silky soft right out of the box. It is extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, breathable, soft, and loose with an open weave, although not as durable as other fabrics. It is silky soft and comfortable right away. Wash on delicate and line dry.

Cotton Muslin: The most versatile and sought after fabric that is soft, cuddly, durable and machine washable. It gets softer with every wash and has a loose, open weave for breathability.


Saranoni makes gorgeous blankets that are luxuriously comfortable and wonderfully affordable.

They offer blankets in a variety of blends starting with 100% Lush Polymicrofiber (super soft, comfy, fluffly and cuddly with durable construction) to other blends such as a bamboo and microfiber blend (Bamboni), lightweight muslin as well as muslin layered quilts. The options are limitless and all of them are versatile and beautiful.  

Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl is another company that produces blankets we just can’t resist due to fabric styles, comfort and versatility.

They offer knit blankets made from a polyester rayon blend that are perfect to use as a swaddle or as an all-purpose receiving blanket. They are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and yet oh so cozy.

We also love their thicker 3-layer security blankets and their 3-layer quilts.



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