Picnic Spinner Game

Type: Play

Whether you're playing outside on a blanket or on the living room floor, your children will love The Picnic Spinner Game from Eeboo!


This game helps teach your child about the food groups, how to set the table, and how to make healthy meal choices.


The object of the game is to be the first player to complete a plate with one game piece from each category: fruit, vegetable, entree, drink, dessert, and utensils.


The spinner contains a spot for each category, plus an additional one for "Ants" and they eat your meal!


A wonderful game for children of all ages to enjoy. The sturdy pieces hold up well for years of enjoyment.


Winner of the Oppenheimer Gold Award.


SIZE : Game box measures 10 x 10 inches

CONTENTS : Game pieces for up to 4 players and a real picnic cloth