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Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Nothing but the best! Shop our timeless toys. - 801-299-5100 **We cannot ship Maileg product to Massachusetts, Pennsilvania, or Ohio**
Have Baby, Will Travel

Have Baby, Will Travel

Traveling is enjoyable and shouldn’t be avoided once children come along, though it can feel a bit more stressful. Trying to keep your baby occupied and calm on the trip as well as packing for the trip can be a formidable task. But with a few simple steps and some preparation you and your baby will be on the road (or airplane) and on to your destination in no time. Here are some packing tips for the littlest traveler in your family.

Keep it simple

This will save you A LOT of trouble and will preserve your energy to for navigating the trip and for taking care of your baby along the way. Multiple bags or heavy, overpacked bags will just add complications and frustration to your trip. Babies don’t need as much as we have often been led to believe. Diapers, wipes (just enough to get you to your destination), changing blanket or mat, baby carrier, a few extra clothes (with detergent to do wash along the way), pacifier (with a back up), a FEW toys, Ziplocks/trash bags, and hand sanitizer or wipes. Remember, you can get most things you need along the way. If checking a bag, be sure to bring a carry on with extra clothing (for both of you), snacks, a few diapers, blanket and pacifier.

Roll with it

Rolling clothes and using packing cubes or Ziplock bags to compartmentalize different items is a huge organizational win and will not only keep your bag organized, but will help you find things much easier. And, as a side note, keeping your own items to a minimum (select clothes that can mix and match with everything you pack and don’t pack for what-ifs) will keep your travel that much simpler.

Wear baby

Invest in a great baby carrier that is comfortable for you and baby and forgo the carseat and stroller until they are older and heavier. You can often rent a carseat with a car rental and when taking a train a car seat is a non-issue. Plus, as you travel a baby will often feel more comfortable and rest easier when closer to mom or dad.

We hope your next adventure is fun! Be sure to expect the unexpected and enjoy your time. Everything won’t go perfectly, but you’ll be better prepared to roll with surprises with some organization and preparation. We have lovely, light swaddling blankets in store that are perfect for travel as well as toys, books and high quality clothes. We are happy to help with whatever you need for your next trip.  

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